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January 4, 2001


A new beginning...


Welcome to the new millenium. The term began today (yesterday, now).

Some items of note:

  • 15 hours of circuits a week (blah).
  • No more Gunter. :( But we have Vanderkooy, who's just as kooky.
  • The same room every day. 7 hours a day. Atleast now we have a place to call our own.
  • Last year's Physics' TA is now a prof. (?)

More tomorrow, me tired and sleep now. Maybe I'll start writing regularly again. Pictures too. ;)


January 6, 2001


(no subject)


1B has been unbelievably busy... so far.

On top of school stress, there's also the stress of writing résumés, cover letters, and doing other assorted junk for finding co-op jobs next term. Not to mention a double weight circuits course, harder calculus, harder physics, management science, and the stress of finding a place to live in the fall term.

There's a reason they call 1B the term from hell, and I think I might just have stumbled upon it (and I seem to be wasting all my time ... yet again).

It'll be a challenge. Then again, I like challenges.

I can't imagine life without them.


Snapshots of a day...



We still haven't gotten around to taking covert pictures of our class and profs, probably because it's really early in the term. But we did find some interesting things around campus on Thursday.

Of note was Duckboy's family swimming around happily in a pond. It's January. It's -20 degrees celsius outside. Every morning's trek to class through the snow is like journeying in northern Alaska. Yet the ducks are still here? I think something is seriously wrong with their biological patterns...


Yes, I got pranked. My so-called "friends" told me that I got 68% on my chemistry exam. [Ed: It wasn't true.] And they took a picture of me whilest I was in my semi-shocked state. I'll get you back. Don't worry about it. ;)


And what do ultra-busy and tired computer engineers do after class? Well, they some times, they go and play ping pong. And pool. We're not as anti social as you might think. :P


I'll get pictures of profs and classes up soon. Until then, you'll have to put up with pictures of people like Mike playing ping pong. I've really gotta get myself my very own digital camera too. This is fun. :)

Yes, I'll try to put stuff up on a daily basis. Thanks for all the spam email about it. ;)


January 8, 2001


the blogger blogged


I spend much too much time reading other people's webpages. Yeah, I just finished all my homework. Yeah, I don't have much more stuff to do tonight. But instead of going directly to sleep, some part of me is drawn towards -- clings on to -- other webpages, other blogs, and before you know it, it's 3 AM and I'm still sitting at my computer reading assorted writing from different people.

I love reading blogs. They say so much about the person. I find I can relate to what people say. It's a wonderful feeling.

I wish I were creative. I'm not, not even close. I guess if I could describe the way I create my webpages with one word, it'd be "technical". I don't have the artistic skills to create a beautiful webpage. Unfortunately, neither do I have the creative skills to write beautiful content. Sure, I can program. Sure, I can play the piano decently. Sure, I can write when I feel like it. But I can't design. Oh, how I wish I could.

If I've ever told you "Wow, I like your site" over ICQ please realize that this means I spent the last two hours sitting at my computer, basking in the glory and splendour of your site. I'm envious. I wish I could do something like that.

I remember very clearly being asked the question "What makes you do what you want to do? What is your motivation?" on several different job interviews. My answer goes something like this: I love to create. I love to make something, and look back and say "I made that." I take joy in create things, the thrill of the journey and the thrill of arriving at the destination. That's why I program, that's why I blog. That's why I do a lot of things.

Maybe I'll make a website with links to amazing websites that I've found, ones that still continue to amaze me. They don't use the latest technology. They're normal everyday websites. They have something beyond purely the technical, something us ordinary people can't create.

And maybe I'll actually spend some time and try yet again to make something that looks artistic. Too bad I dropped art in grade 9.

As for now, I'm going to sleep.


January 13, 2001




I will post some more pictures. Eventually. Yeah, I've been lazy/busy/tired. I'll get around to it. Eventually.

On a completely different side note, I'm now helping to build my Computer Engineering Class' webpage. We'll have that up and running soon!

Ahhh, another wonderful Friday to end out the week. Friday activities today consisted of ping pong, watching anime (first time watching "real" Japanese [subtitled of course] anime for me) at a cntr-a viewing in the Arts Lecture Hall. It was fun. I really enjoyed it. So much that I went home watched 5 episodes of Escaflowne, graciously supplied by Shaun.

Anyway. I'm off to go sleep, long day ahead!


January 16, 2001




I'm not dead. Yet.

Co-op postings start in two days. I'll post more stuff, eventually.

I'm going to sleep now.


January 25, 2001




I'm not sleepy... no... I'm not sleepy...

Yes, it's 2 something AM, and I don't have a morning class tomorrow. Woohoo. For once I can sleepin until 12.

This message is quite indicative of how my life has been the last couple of weeks. Co-op has been nuts, and 1B is 1B. (Yeah, yeah, I know that doesn't explain anything).

Me sleepy. Me not sleepy.

This blog enty has been brought to you by an ultra-sugoi sleepy Ardant. Don't bother even trying to decipher this message.


January 28, 2001


Yet another blog post, what's going on?


I'm writing on my blog. At 11:45 PM. Which indicates that I'm bored. Which could mean only one thing.

I went home.

Yeah, I'm at home right now, as bored as ever. Oh well. Whilest I tried to finish my MSci 261 ("engineering econmics") assignment, I got bored and decided to write some random stuff.

Lets see, what's been going on in my life?

  • Crazy classes
  • Co-op postings
  • Chinese New Year dinners
  • House hunting
  • Calculus. Physics. MSci. Circuits. Discrete.

Yeah, my life is absolutely crazy, how's yours? Mail me and let me know.


January 30, 2001


Pictures galore!


I know I promised a long time ago that I'd post some pictures from my school life on my blog, but I never got around to doing it (sorry).

Anyway, here they are, pictures from a happier time... Enjoy.


The day began with yet another installment of the Duckboy saga. Duckie realized that during the night a growth had appeared on his chest, near his neck. It mysteriously disappeared during Calculus.


Dave had too much caffeine. Which explains why he wasn't sleeping during Circuits. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen Dave this alert.


Roger is Roger. He owns the camera, so I can't say anything bad about him. :P


With the approaching midterms, keeping students in lectures is quite difficult (8:30 Calculus draws about 50% of our class). Some profs resort to more drastic measures.


But Vanderkooy is one of the best Physics profs around, atleast he does interesting things... Hmmm... Gunter or Vanderkooy... Now that's a toss up.


It was Chinese New Year's day when these photos were taken, so we went out for dinner. Naturally, the pranking followed.


Don't ask. Obviously some people who own digital cameras have too time on their hands. I'm not naming any names, Roger...

Carpe Diem. Seize the day.

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