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June 4, 2002


I am a serial spammer...?


I believe I have done something quite stupid. I've been noticing a lot more e-mail these days -- spam e-mails. One of the most common types so far have been the 'Here is the result of your feedback form:' type e-mails. In fact, there was a bug in Matt's "formmail" script, which seems to be the de-facto standard for writing the feedback scripts that appear on many webpages.

Like this one, on a website that is about 3 years old and whose formmail script was used sum total of about 4 times.

And then my Linux box mysteriously crashed after about 4 and a half months or so of uptime. Looked like it suddenly got overloaded, hmm, ran out of memory, and disk space.

Anyway, to make a long story short, about 66 thousand e-mails were shoved through my box, arnica.ardant.net, before it died heroically in a field of swarming packets, protecting the image of Linux on 486s [Ed Note: Over-glorified. ].

Contents of the spam are preserved over here for historic purposes -- and also to act as a deterrant towards any future Ardant-stupidity.

I hate spam.


June 5, 2002


Spam, spam, lovely spam...


Seems like it's a good week for spam.

I've gotten more spam. Here's a sample of the newly aquired goods.

Shower English CD-ROM. Preserved on ardant.net for posterity and good laughs.


June 10, 2002




The prototype pengie-cam is working. See Pengie's antics up and about Ardant's room whilest he studies for midterms. Don't forget to check out the list of old pictures to view.

[Ed Note: still very -beta-, address to change, and pictures as of right now are sporadic (every couple hours? whenever I get bored?). But, hey, it's Pengie and he's cute. ]


June 20, 2002




This is hilarious.

First, watch video: 7.7 MB ASF - found on this webpage. Then, read lyrics and translation: as weird as it is. Finally, watch flash parody: Yatta!.

This is too funny.

Carpe Diem. Seize the day.

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