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April 2, 2001


Dix-huit Ans


Yes, it is my 18th birthday. Now I can vote.

And also apply for a credit card. So at 3 AM last night, that's what I was doing. And I can sign for myself. And ... lots of other benefits. :)

Regardless, what's a birthday without lots and lots of pictures for the blog? So, a few snapshots into my life:


Class Enrollment week was last week. Some moronic administrators decided to rename the "archaic" terminology to make it sound more upbeat and modern. So, during class enrollment week, we picked up our class enrollment guides and chose units on our study list that would qualify us for our plan. Bureaucrats.


MSci 261 has this habit of putting everyone to sleep. If you're ever in a dire need of some quality sleep, I recommend going to MSci. Don't get me wrong, the professor is a nice guy, it's just that the course material is boring.

All this All Your Base craze is taking over the class. The proof:


case 1: People sleeping in classes constantly. Then again, it's Dave. Dave always sleeps, never limited only to the realm of MSci lectures. With sleeping like that, you wonder what he does at night...


Case 2: Last week, a strange creature with glowing white eyes, cloaked in a magical black cloth, started appearing in our class. Authorities are still investigating, and believe that they might be able to link this appearance with various crop circles and strange abductions in the area.


Case 3: Denizens of our class seem to have rather large reactions to cameras and other recording devices, with flailing arms performing interesting actions and involuntary shouts of cryptic phrases. No, all my base do not belong to you.


Case 4: Some denizens of the class appear with odd haircuts, perhaps signs of influence of other more powerful and innovative races. Perhaps its a fashion statement, or maybe it's these innovative aliens abducting and forcing their fashion "sense" upon them.


Case 5: Some peepholes went missing. I am not responsible, I have nothing to do with it, I just simply found this email in my mail box one day. Even though it looks quite suspicious. Don't you believe me? I'm innocent...

But still, all your base are belong to me.


April 4, 2001


Ask Ardant #12


Mmmm... Since it seems at though I probably won't get any more studying for Calculus done than I have already, I thought I might do some blogging. I found this really old thing I wrote a long time ago. And it fits another Ask Ardant:

I really can't remember who writes: "What makes Ardant happy?"

Camembert Cheese. A .smile. A .hug. A friend. A laugh. A bug-free code. Simplicity. Effeciency. Chocolate. A pat on the back. Recognition. A goal. A dream. The realization of a dream. A good challenge. A question. An answer. A journey for the answer. A hope. Food. A game of basketball. A curling bonspiel. Time. Friendship. Goals. Dreams. Reality. Help.

A shoulder to lean on in times of need.

A shoulder to cry on in times of sorrow.

A shoulder to pat in times of joy and success.


And a Camembert cheese.


April 5, 2001




Yes, the first final exam of this term is Calculus. Integration methods, taylor polynomials, and double and triple integrals.

Nasty stuff to begin with, add a horrible prof and 18 pound textbook (useless, mind you) and you've got a pretty bad course.

I should stop complaining about Calculus, because I'm sure everyone else in my class has already.

Regardless, finals are a somewhat stressful time. The fact that 60% of your term is based on a mere 3 hours is quite scary. It's almost 5 so I think I should sleep and maybe get some more studying in tomorrow.



April 6, 2001


Done 1/5!


The Calculus exam has come and gone.

I'll adhere to sacred rules and not discuss exams after exams. 4 more to go, MSci 261's up next!

On a completely unrelated note, I've finally finished my redesign of the EUTS webpage. Just in time to study for MSci.


April 8, 2001


Done 2/5!


MSci done. Physics up next!

On a complete aside note, I managed to goof off today. I made some cool animated banners (mmMMmm, photoshop and imageready) for EUTS. You can see my new online indicator light on my etc page if you so desire.

Regardless, I think it's time to sleep and wake up and study tomorrow (sound familiar?)


April 22, 2001


Yes, I'm alive...


I agree, perhaps I haven't been the most dilligent of people in posting on this blog after getting out of university.

For all you know, I'm still studying for my ECE 100 exam. Well, that's over and done with (or was about a week ago) so I should kill that indicator sometime soon.

I'm in Boston right now. Which partially explains (but doesn't excuse) why I'm not posting on this blog. But before I left, I managed to get my mp3 shoutcast working. Which means you can listen to whatever I'm listening to, when my Winamp is on, that is.

I bought a new mouse. Logitech's new Optical/Cordless mouse. It rules. I can't wait until I try it out at home.

Now that university has finally wound down, the co-op work term is looming, and I've had a bit of time to collect my thoughts about the last term. Most of me longs for the new adventures in summer, but a tiny little part of me misses the class and the atmosphere of being in school. We'll see how this turns out...


The Matrix 2


Just saw the preview for the Animated Matrix 2 :P

This is unbelievable.

Carpe Diem. Seize the day.

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