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July 4, 2001


Ask Ardant #13


An inquisitive Matt asks over ICQ: "Why is your sight [sic] so out of date now?"

Really, do I look out of date? *peers at self*

Heh, no, really, it's because I'm lazy. Yeah, that's it. And nothing's happening in my life. Really. I think I'll go veg in front of the TV now.


July 11, 2001


Care and Feeding for your Hacker


I found a funny text last night. Care and Feeding for your Hacker. Now that I've been immersed into the Canadian workforce, section 2 is particularly funny for me.

Not that I do those things at work.

And no, this wasn't written on company time. *hides blog timestamp*


July 13, 2001




This post ended up blank because Ardant.net ran out of disk space. I quickly freed up 120 megs and the post is stored above. :)


Linux 7.1, woohoo...


I got pissed off at Windows. As a result, I'm writing this blog from my newly installed Redhat 7.1 box (it actually has X windows, unlike my 486 server).

I'll have to say that it's much better than when I installed 5.0 back in 1997. Much better.

Wow, 4 years. I must be getting old. Just like how all my co-workers talk about the "good old times" with their fast computers... "At the first company I worked at, they had ATs with 300 baud modems..." "I had this IPX, and it -really- flew..."

What am I going to tell the next generation? "I grew up in a time when the internet actually started to catch on, when everyone and their monkey's uncle had an email address, when you still had to wait for downloads, operating systems actually fit onto a CD, and when people wasted their time writing things called 'blogs'."

Or something like that.


July 17, 2001


OpenCola (?)


Now this is cool.

Matt sends along a link to a new thinkgeek product: OpenCola. Buy your own case of cola, with perl on the cans, and of course, since it's open source, the formula for the drink is released GPL'ed too.

Now that is very cool.


July 29, 2001


Microsoft does something right... (?)


Yeah, Microsoft did something right.

Death to Clippy!

Wow, I'm very impressed.

Carpe Diem. Seize the day.

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