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May 6, 2003


More Customer Service


I hate customer service. I've had such bad experiences with the likes of Rogers cable and phone companies that I abhor having to call their toll free numbers. I hate the way I'm tossed around, put on hold, have to re-explain myself all the time.

I recently bought a wireless router and network card at Best Buy. So I can surf with my laptop anywhere in the house [Ed Note: I'm currently plopped on the couch in the front of the TV].

And Best Buy has this wonderful price match guarantee. And I found out that CanadaComputers.com now has the stuff I bought for $30 cheaper. Each.

So all I need to do is find the receipt and take it into the store. Find the receipt. Find the receipt.

Let's keep a long story short: it took me 3 months to find the HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy. A receipt is much, much, smaller.

So grudgingly I look up the number for the Best Buy customer service line. I call. Waiting for long delays, rude staff, and another hassle.

The phone rings once. Pleasant-sounding voice comes on. It's slow and deliberate. "Thank you for calling Best Buy Canada." Oh no, a recording. I've been put on hold. "<name> speaking. How may I help you?"

"I purchased something a few weeks ago on my creditcard and I lost my receipt."

"Don't worry, the store should still have a copy of your receipt. And if they don't you can call us back and we'll get a copy to you."

"Can I still do a price match on the copy of the receipt?"


My faith in customer service is restored. Atleast temporarily until I go to the store and see if it actually works.


May 7, 2003


Currently on...


Currently powered on at the ardant.net mini-lab sitting in my study:

  • one P3-450 desktop computer
  • one Sony SDMS71B 17" LCD monitor
  • one Sony R505GL 12" laptop
  • one ArtMedia A701 17" CRT monitor
  • one P3-800 desktop computer
  • one Samsung SyncMaster 750s
  • two Compaq Presario 486s
  • one no-name 486
  • one HP LaserJet 4P
  • one Lexmark Z32
  • one Darius 14" VGA monitor
  • one AGFA SnapScan 1212
  • one pair Creative !magine 2.1 speakers
  • one Motorola Cybersurfer Wave cable modem
  • one CentreCOM MR112T IEEE 802.3 Micro Repeater
  • one Linksys BEFW11S4 Wireless Router
  • one USRobotics 33.6kbps external modem
  • a few lamps

And plugging in my dinky cell phone charger caused me to blow a fuse. The straw that broke the camel's back. Literally. Well, very figuratively, at the very least. Go figure.


May 16, 2003





I lost my best buy receipt (read a few blogs down). I tear the house apart looking for it. I'm livid. That receipt gets me $40 from a price match at best buy. I needed it. So a few days later, I went to the store and asked them to find a copy. They whine and guilt trip me. They complain. They grovel. They never did find it. Too busy they claimed. That really sucked. I left quite unhappy.

Later that evening I went out to dinner with the family for Mother's day. Enjoyable. Good food. I pick up the bill. Pay for it. Put the receipt in my wallet. Next to a best buy receipt.

A best buy receipt.

I shut the wallet quickly and pretend I saw nothing.

But secretly I am pleased.

Carpe Diem. Seize the day.

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