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May 3, 2001


I'm alive...


... and working my first ever co-op term. I'm downtown at the Bank of Montreal doing some sort of computer stuffs.

Awfully busy, all the time. And trying to have some semblance of a life.

Yeah, I'll update my page more often.




I'll tell you what.

If you come back soon, I'll have some photos and videos (yes videos!) from a little gathering on my birthday in April. Yes, do come back!


May 26, 2001


Life in a nutshell


It appears as though I haven't written in a while. So I thought I'd ruin your day with another endless rambling.

This rambling was written on the subway. Yes, the subway! With good old pencil and paper. Instead of just typing it into a little form, on a webpage, that really doesn't have any physical meaning beyond some ones and zeros on a hard drive somewhere near Toronto.

It feels good to actually write again. Just realized that smiley faces look extremely dumb on paper. Trying not to be too conspicuous. Ooops, chuckled to myself. The person sitting across from me gave me the "lunatic sitting across from me" glare. Ooops.

Anyway, a bit about my life: I've been working these last few weeks, my co-op term. Not much beyond that. Been doing some personal "fun" work on the side. Been going to Shadpubs and the like.

Went shopping. Played FF8 (I'm on disc 2!). Slept. Slept ome more. I have never been so bored in my entire life.

Boy, is this post shallow. I think I'll leave just the way it is.


May 28, 2001


The Workterm Diary: Day 21


I woke up this morning, and I just knew it was going to be a bad hair day.

Call it intuition, call it instinct, call it the feeling that every single one of your hairs is sticking up on end. A quick cursory glance in the mirror confirms your initial hypothesis.

And so, there it was. The bad hair day. And thus the, phases.

Denial. Nah, it can't be a bad hair day. Splashed some water in my face. Rubbed my eyes. Looked in the mirror again. Yep, it's there, in all its voluminous glory. Not much I can deny, so I guess I have to move on...

Anger. Erghh... why is this happening to me? This is NOT fair. Of all the days of the week, Monday, to boot. I've got MEETINGS on Monday. Why did I wash my hair last night? Why did I have to deviate from the normal morning shower schedule? Blah, I hate Mondays...

Panic. Dunked my head in the sink. Slathered it with gel. Try as I might, this bad hair day wasn't going away easily. I finally settled for a "caked in gel" look, atleast I wasn't going to work looking like a certain cast member right out of a show of Disney's The Lion King.

Anxiety. So there I was, sitting on the subway, suffering in my own self-conciousness. Leaving the subway and walking the short distance through the shopping malls to work, I no longer cared. I fit in in, just another face in the working crowd, trekking my way to my cubicle. I passed a few co-workers, smiled, all was normal.

Re-denial. I don't have a bad hair day. Ahhh, I'm just worrying too much. Let's get on with work, and I'll be over before I know it.

My cubicle happens to be next to the printer, and the top chunk of each cubicle happens to be glass. One of my co-workers was on her daily printout fetch when they just so happened to glance over...

"Bad hair day?"

Acceptance. Yes. Yes indeed.

Carpe Diem. Seize the day.

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