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November 4, 2001


I really should post, shouldn't I?


Yeah, it's been a while. But I've been busy. Lots of stuff coming up. So don't be scared if I don't post for a while.

Now, back to work for me.


November 6, 2001


Good Morning...


I woke up this morning naturally, with the sun was shining on my face, and the strums of an acoustic guitar streaming in from afar.

I thought I had passed on in the night and gone to some other place; then my roommate Roger played a wrong note, my alarm clock went off, and the sun ducked behind a bouquet of clouds. Oh well.

I guess it's just the beginning of another day.


November 9, 2001


Murphy's Laws II


There are few laws which govern living with other people, in a university setting:

The bathroom is occupied only when you need it. This includes times like now, 30 minutes before lecture, and also when you really really need to go. Bad.

The food you want to eat gets eaten. Well, duh. And you really thought that no one wanted that really cold and old piece of pizza.

More when I'm fully awake.


ACM Regionals


Have arrived safely. Regionals soon. :)


November 10, 2001


Good news, Bad news.


Good news: a Waterloo team did well. You figure out the bad news.

via remote pager


November 11, 2001




Well, I guess it's time I write about the ACM contest that occured on the weekend.

This year Waterloo fielded two teams -- Black and Gold. Waterloo Black, well, won, with 6 questions done.

Well, my team didn't do so bad. We only finished 3 questions (due to some implementation problems with 3 other questions). Oh well, we were close.

And out of 120 or so teams, it's not so bad.

Results can be found here.


November 20, 2001




We were moved up to 4th place. Judging error. See ACM Regionals Standings.

Carpe Diem. Seize the day.

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