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March 9, 2001




I'm in Vancouver right now, for the ACM World Finals. Lots of fun. Interesting people, interesting environment.

I really don't have much to say or much time, so I'll leave it at that. I'll be sure to post some pictures up on my return.


March 29, 2001


Suspension of Disbelief


I don't know how I've survived 3 weeks without writing a single blog. It's a far cry from my life last term. I think I only got 3 days in between blogs at best.

I'm sorry for not writing as much as I used to, and I really think I need to start up again. I guess the therapeutic element of blogging has been ever so slightly lacking from my life.

I guess a reason why I haven't been writing so much is life has taken control . For a self-declared geek, the internet is the only means of communication. I remember times (read: "the good old times") when I'd sit on EUTS forever and a day. The internet was the -only- means of communication. Without it, I felt horribly lost and unable to express myself. Thus blogs, and hyperion, and talkers and icq, and the like.

Then university comes rolling along and drags you kicking and screaming out of this digital utopia and into the real world we supposedly 'belong' in. Some times (read: now) I just feel like crawling into a hole with some form of high speed internet connection and hiding from the real world and its problems. Too bad they don't do DSL in caves, and there's no way I'm going back to dialup.

It's rather funny. When I first started university back in the fall of 2000 (look back... waay back...) I was complaining about how I felt anonymous. And this was after I spent about 2 years on the internet. Odd how I didn't feel anonymous there. And now, I just feel like hiding within the anonymity of the digital projection of my real self.

My life over the last 3 weeks:

Came back from Vancouver. Had a blast. Got sick. Coughed up a lung every day for 2 weeks. Tuberculosis scare at my university. Right close to where I live, actually. Got that co-op job. Lost an inordinate amount of sleep. More work. Started actually talking on my talker again. Turned on ICQ for once.

Working on my ECE 100 lab at 4:30 AM. Yep, my life seems to be pretty normal yet again.

I guess it's time to finish off that lab, and maybe go hide in some crevice of the internet for a while. Maybe I can actually be truly anonymous for a while... again.


Good night.


Yes, so I finally finished my ECE 100 lab. I think I can attribute this latest demise to my non-existant lab partner, whose contribution to our lab was a diagram and a title page.


Regardless, the sun is shining, my housemates are waking up and going to class, and it's nearing 8 AM.

I think I'll get some sleep. Thank goodness for a 12:30 start for classes on Thursday.

4 hours. That ain't too shabby at all.

Carpe Diem. Seize the day.

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