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March 11, 2002




I'm sitting here, in my little study of sorts. The lights are dim, not too blinding, as not to wake the parents sleeping down the hall. I try my best not to type to fast -- my roommate from last term remarked, on the night I moved in, that it sounded like there was a troop of infinity monkeys in my room hacking out the works of Shakespeare.

Well, after about ten million keystrokes or so, this keyboard is finally broken in, and no the sharp clicking sounds have been replaced soft and dull thuds.

Blinkety blink. My cable modem light flashes. It's Sunday night. Which means work tomorrow, unfortunately. And, like all those times before, I'm staying up much later than I should. Blinkety blink.

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. Subways provide a great time to think. No more Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy to read this term. And I've read Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, and the Silmarillion in a JRR Tolkien reading marathon. Not to mention nearly broken my ankle, hobbled around on crutches for 2 weeks, and bought a digital camera.

Blinkety blink. Snow falls outside my window, the streetlamp making the air glow with an orange haze. It's still snowing here. After a week of spring, it's back to a week of winter. It was pretty bad last night -- coming home from seeing "Men with Brooms" at 2 AM we hit white-out conditions. Couldn't see any more than 10 meters in front. The air glowed with orange lamps, and red brakelights and yellow flashing hazards. Quite a sight. The things you start to appreciate when you carry a digital camera around with you. Endless things that I've taken pictures of. Sun reflecting off mirrored office towers in downtown Toronto. Snow swirling down onto busy rush-hour streets. Painted sunsets. Long winding highways.

Blinkety blink blink.

I think I'll take a picture of these lights.


March 13, 2002


It's Pengie again!



My Stuffed Penguin. He's so cute. Ok, so I'm bored and taking strange pictures with my new Canon S110 digital camera. So sue me.


Now streaming! (again)


I'm now streaming music again. You can click on the little "listen" word next to the song name above. (Note how I also fixed the playlist indicator). Or you can listen here.

The playlist now updates with the current list in my winamp (right now it's anime). You can listen in, and click on songs to request them.

Ok, so I got bored.

Carpe Diem. Seize the day.

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