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January 10, 2003


Happy New Year.


I've finally finished my big ol' move to Waterloo, settled in, and went to the first few days of class.

It's only the first week, but it's proving to be quite hectic. The ol' work term report is due on Monday, and unlike last year, I'm trying to prevent a 4 AM Kinko's run the night before it's due.

I'm living off campus. The townhouse is great, feels very home-like. We've actually got a living room! And a little dining area. Impressive.

I also bought a new flat screen monitor. I figured my room was too small for my big bulky CRT.

There's no point to this post, really. :) More later.


January 12, 2003


Pengie's Spam


I've been getting a lot of spam mail lately. My spamassassin has filtered 1200 messages in the last three weeks. Somehow, about 5-10 e-mails are slipping through now. Spammers are getting smart and figuring out how to slip past spamassassin. I can't wait until the spam archive gets setup to the degree at which I can use it to train my filters.

It's funny how much spam mail my stuffed penguin gets.

I created a fake e-mail address as a spamtrap. Here are few of the subject lines he gets:

"pengie, visit the Bahamas on our 12/11 night cruise"

"pengie, lose 32 pounds by February"

"pengie, time to refinance your house?"

Will this ever stop?


January 13, 2003


Good night.


I'm not an early bird, so you can guess why I'm writing this entry.

My workterm report is finally done. Yay. Thank goodness I don't have class until tomorrow afternoon.

In other news, our ECE 332 prof has announced 4 (count'em, 4) extra lectures next week at 1.5 hours per day. That brings the grand total of labs, lectures, and tutorials next week to 32 hours. I haven't had that many hours of class a week since ... grade 9?

It's going to be a long week.


January 23, 2003


Another day in the life...


I can't believe how fast time flies. It's January 23nd. In three months, exams will be over. I'll head home, back to Toronto, and hopefully back to my job. 90 days. Probably even less, given how obtusely short February is.

The reality of it all hasn't sunk in yet. It's bitterly cold here. The type of cold that makes you think nothing but cold. You walk out of buildings and start thinking, "Gosh, it's cold. How can I get out of the cold?". I'll be walking down the path towards school, in my parka, relying on my gloves and my hat and my scarf and my boots for dear warmth, and it'll hit me: I'm at Waterloo again. I want nothing more to be in a nice warm place.

I've been desensitized. The days fly by with their pre-planned rhythm, with no spontaneity. The alarm clock goes off at 7:30. I drag myself out of bed by 7:50, if I'm lucky. I'm in the lab by 8:30. Labs. Lectures. Lunch. More Lectures. Tutorial. Dinner. Meetings, or practices, or what-not. Go home. Work. E-mail. Sleep.

We've been looking for housing in September. It'll be tough -- the so-called 'double cohort' is coming in. 50% more students. Same amount of housing. We live in a nice place, but unfortunately, we can't stay for the fall. We've been trying to get another unit in the area, but unfortunately, it's been difficult to find what's available.

Which raises the omni-present alternative of the math comfy lounge.

Carpe Diem. Seize the day.

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