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February 4, 2001


The night before Calculus


'Twas the night before Calculus

And all through the house

Not a keyboard was stirring, not even a mouse

All the engineers were studying away

for the Calculus exam they had the next day...

Sorry, I must be going insane. It's the combination of too much stress, and other stuff like that. It's also time to dredge out that suit again -- co-op interviews start tomorrow.

I got bored of studying for Calculus, which is partially why I'm writing here. So I turned off my classical study music, and turned on some Anime soundtracks.

Yes, I like anime now. Some people convinced me to go down to ^A and I guess there's no turning back now. So my new "new favourite group" is "The Pillows", who do the balance of the songs for the FLCL anime. Too bad the lyrics are in Japanese.

If you ever need to buy "concentrated drug-free urine", this drug-test evasion website is just for you.

This blog post is rather shallow. Boy do I feel ashamed now. I think I'll go bury my head in Calculus.


February 5, 2001


co-op job interviews


I just had my first university co-op job interview.

It consisted of the following, more or less:

Dressing up nicely in a suit. Stressing the night before and doing company research. Going to Needles Hall (Needless Hell to co-op students). Telling the paging desk you're here. Waiting. Waiting.

Forty minutes later, your name gets called. You're dragged off into some room. You shake hands with the interviewer, and answer questions. Smile. Sound interested, because you are, right? Cringe when he reads your résumé. Say thanks for the interview, shake hands, and leave.


Realize two minutes after that there were some things you forgot to ask. Damn.

Oh well. I've got two more this week (atleast), and I have a Calculus midterm in 6 hours. And I've missed two classes. Great.

Life doesn't even pause for an instant to let you hop back on.


February 9, 2001




I just don't need sleep anymore. That's what my body thinks.

I'm sitting here, doing homework. Endlessly doing ECE 100 questions and doing some studying for ECE 103, discrete math.

For some very strange reason, I no feel neither tired nor rested no matter how long I sleep, whether it be 2 hours or 10. Another job interview tomorrow. Rather, later today. Actually, in seven hours. Maybe I should get some sleep.

Then again, maybe I should finish my homework.

So much to do, so little time.


February 14, 2001




Now that my M Sci 261 exam is over, I can spare a few moments to relax, and maybe tell you about what's been going on.

Of note, my Toasties! website got a deluge of hits due to webworst.about.com deciding that we were worthy of "worst site of the week".

Go Toasties!!


February 20, 2001


More Tribbles and Tribulations


The Waterloo campus is more or less dead now; almost all the faculties are on reading week. All except for Math and Engineering. So whilest our Arts and ES and Science and AHS friends are at home, doing whatever, we're still here, stressing over Taylor Polynomials, Power Functions, and Ordinary Differential Equations. Atleast we've got Thursday and Friday off. I can hardly wait ... to do nothing (yeah right, if that were ever possible).

If you haven't noticed yet, Calculus is a pain this semester. With a prof that resembles Dr. Evil from Austin Powers (yes, I will justify this with a picture) and vastly theoretical material, it's been a rather long semester. It's rather ironic that the engineers have to take more calculus courses than the Math students.

15 more days until the ACM World Finals in Vancouver. I can hardly wait.

All Your Base Are Belong to Us. Everyone's been forwarding this around, so I thought I'd join the hype.


3 AM access check.


You might wonder what I'm doing up at such an ungodly hour of the morning.

It's the daily access check. At 3 AM, the wonderful database updates and tells us what interviews we have. And 3 AM normally corresponds to the end of homework for one night. After this little check, I go to sleep.

It's funny how a random time picked by people down at CECS dictates our biological timeclock.


February 23, 2001


Home again.


I'm home again. And logically, I'm awfully bored. So there I was, watching curling on TSN, generally wasting time, when I decided it might be great to write on my blog yesterday.

I got home last night, and discovered a few new things. First, rooms have been rearranged. Furniture has magically sprouted out of the ground, including a 4 foot fish tank (Maybe I should set up a fishcam?). I don't feel like I'm living in my own house anymore...

Shaw's DHCP messed up last night, so I downed ardant.net (bye bye 70 days uptime) and went to bed at 1 last night, quite early. Wanted to wake up at 9. Woke up at 4 instead. I haven't slept that much since that first weekend home after Shad.

Still trying to figure why this server is so slow (Calling Shaw Support on an hourly basis, until someone can tell me what's wrong).

Now seriously thinking about that fishcam.

I must be bored.


February 24, 2001


Tech Support?


I hate Tech Support.

I really do. You call them up on the phone, and you can never get anywhere.

I finally couldn't get a address with their mucked up DHCP so I spent almost an hour on the phone with my local Shaw Support people. Because they were so wonderfully accepting and diverse, they refused to talk to me about my Linux machine, some I quickly booted up my Windows box and told them I was running the dreaded 'doze.

About an hour later, it finally worked (some server side changes -- a little bit of tweaking on my end too). I could actually surf the net again.

'Cept that upload is still at about 2k/s. And I missed a thrilling end to the quarterfinals game of the Scott Tournament of Hearts (yes, I'm a curling fanatic).

I hate Tech Support.


February 28, 2001


It's new to you...


Ok, so I got horribly bored of moping around all day and doing nothing but homework. So I put together some images of creatures documented from last term. Presenting a little exposition of the local wildlife:


Some of the creatures documented in our adventures are very social beings, who enjoy conversing over dinner. Documented to the left we have Engineerum chemicalus and Artsi undeclardi.


Some, for example this Engineerum computerus, are not, extremely photoshy, with squeals of dismay eminating with any attempt to obtain a photo.


Some creatures, like this Engineerum civilus even use the camera and the act of posing for a photo as an opportunity to gain personal advantage. Quite intelligent, eh?

Alright, alright, I'll drag Roger and his digital camera to class sometime and take more photos...

Carpe Diem. Seize the day.

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